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Luxury Beauty Products
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Buy Luxury Beauty Products
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Favorites Products & Services

These are Products and Services that I use and recommend. With time we can talk about them and discuss each item in detail.

  • Beauty Boxes
I currently subscribe to the following services -
(All bellow are my referral links. Feel free to go to their page directly if you prefer, although you would make me very happy if you want to use my codes.):
  1. Birchbox - 4 or 5 samples a month. Mainly skincare, great to try new products or to stock up your travel necessaire. I'm very satisfied with my subscription, all products are very interesting so far.
    Click and Check for Yourself!
  2. Beauty Bar - I'm on my first month. Wait until I get to my 3rd box, then we can start talking about it. Meanwhile, if you want to check it for yourself, and use my personal referral code, you'll get 20% discount in the first purchase in each of the sites of the same portal.
    Use code DXUC6581
     on your first purchase and get 20% off your order
  1. Julep - Again, this is my first month, I'll review it after 3rd box arrive. The first one is FREE if you use code FREEBOX. This box is dedicated to nails, all things nail related, and a few other beauty pieces. I can't wait to test them. If you want to use my referral code 14713776, please do so. I will be very happy as at each two friends using my codes to sign up I will receive a free box, at no extra cost to you. 
    Your First Box is Free.
    Use code FREEBOX

    and Referral Code 14713776

An interesting concept, where you choose one product for your bag, two more are added in - choosen by LBB, pay, and then, play! You can check what others in the community are trading and offer your products for what you want, wait to see what others will offer for your stuff, and trade anything you fancy for 7 days. It is a lot of fun! Start HERE!

I've been using my LBB for items I love and to stock on Christmas gifts (yes, I buy them all year long.  Otherwise, I'll be broken at Christmas time!). You can find great bargains using LBB. And if you don't like anything you receive, just return it whithin 30 days, and your money will be refunded.

  • Favorite Products
  1. Beauty tool: Clarisonic Mia, Waterpick
  2. Sunscreens: La Roche-Posay, Neutrogena, Aveeno and Clinique 
  3. Hair Care: Lea Journo (perfect in the desert), Aveda (good on humid weather), Neutrogena (everyday deep cleanse or dandruff care)
  4. Skincare: CC Cream in Fair, from Juice Beauty; La Prairie Caviar Firming Complex
  5. Lip Care: obsessed with Sugar Lip Treatment, from Fresh (original and tinted ones); Julie Hewitt lispticks
  6. Make-up: TARTE anything ; Chanel, but NOT their nail polishes
  7. Nail Polishes: Julep, Deborah LippmannSally Hansen, OPI, Revlon, AVONRisque (Brazil), Colorama (Brasil)
  8. Body Cream: Cetaphil (USA), Eucerin (USA), E45 (UK)
  9. Hand Cream: AVON Renew spf25, Eucerin, Aveda
  10. Foot Cream: Dr. Scholl, Aveda

  • Interesting Stores
  1. E-Glam Bijoux - Online Brazilian store with beautiful handmade jewellery
  2. Odd Modicum - Etsy store for handmade, unique, quirky rings
  3. Mesa Dreams - Leather goods, handmade, unique, custom made, amazing!


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