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Vicky, Lotions & Potions

Hi, I am Vicky!

I worked for many years in the beauty industry, in a variety of roles, in different countries, and that shaped me very curious and experimental with skin products.

I was born and raised in Niteroi, Brazil, a town outside Rio de Janeiro (but much more beautiful), in a very warm climate, mild winters (65F/16C min), exposed to a lot of sunshine all year long. My Italian/ Austrian/ Swiss heritage gave me an extremely pale complexion, and I learned very early that I would never be someone with a suntan, max I would have awful painful sunburns. So my first - and only - beauty product for most of my teenages up to late 20s, was sunscreen. Only when I moved to Europe, in 2000, I felt the need to improve my skincare regime, and started to use make-up more consistently.

Today, in my early 40s, living in the desert of New Mexico, I find myself writing lots of reviews, giving advice to friends, and still experimenting a lot. Each place brings different problems to our skin, and a whole new routine needs to be adjusted to the new environment, each time we move around the globe.

This blog intends to be an extension of my other blog Vicky MundoAfora, written in Portuguese, where there is a tag about beauty Pitacos de Beleza. Some posts will be bilingual, some others in Portuguese, but most, in English. Feel free to slash out my grammar mistakes too, I am still learning.

Do not expect to find make-up tutorials, look of the day, product of the month, etc. This is not a fashion/ beauty catalog either, there won't be festive raves about the latest products or technology. My intention with this blog is to share ideas on how to take better care of our appearance, maybe some nutrition tips, how to apply a cream more effectively, solutions I found to tackle certain beauty questions.


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